Getting Stabbed

I got stabbed yesterday. Four times. Twice in each arm. It hurt.

Okay so they were injections but it was painful and for some reason I did actually bleed a lot. Just from one arm. The nurse, as she put it herself, hadn’t “a clue why” it was happening but I survived, and the wee stream of blood (which seemed to pour everywhere) didn’t land on my clothes – success!

Her explanation that the needle “might just have caught a capillary” on its way out made me feel very queasy, not gonna lie – I was fine with seeing the blood pumping out of me, but the mention of blood vessels, and the piercing of one made me light-headed. So I mentioned that I felt a little dizzy (I’d never been this bad with an injection before!) and she suggested that I lie down, soon followed by the “are you always this pale?” question. I’d say I was as white as a ghost, I’m such a wimp when it comes to needles!

I think four injections within the space of five or ten minutes was slightly too much for me to handle. That and bleeding for two of them. My god. Not good!

Two or three more to look forward to next Monday, but at least then they won’t be preceded by a trip to the orthodontist. Not a great day, just further confirmation that I was most definitely correct in avoiding careers like doctor, nurse, surgeon, dentist and orthodontist. I wouldn’t last a week!



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