Blog Trouble

The main problem I encounter with blogging, apart from writing coherently in English and posting consistently, is that most of my ideas come to me in the latter part of the day.  Or, more accurately, at nighttime.  Right now, I have several ideas floating around, but it’s almost 4am, therefore I’m too tired to write them, and well, should really go to sleep rather than attempting to create new blog posts, which I no doubt would end up having to edit drastically, because of typos, errors and just a lack of sense being made due to the time at which they were written.

That really is all for this post seeing as it is late and I should sleep even if I have no classes tomorrow.

Good night!


2 thoughts on “Blog Trouble

  1. Don’t open your blog. Save it on notepad instead (as a TXT-file) or on a piece of paper (have it always available). Write not in sentences, but phrases or justr key ideas instead. Do that as fast as you could then leave it be. Go to sleep. Worry about the scratch later. 🙂


  2. Good advice! I generally try to avoid writing if I should be sleeping anyway, so I just jot down one phrase or idea if I have it. It works well until I later realise I’ve actually written none of these ideas in full!


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