*Trips over something*



Oh, you didn’t actually hear me there, right, thank feck…


I am a human in my twenties, and I like writing, mostly for my own amusement really.  I’m from Ireland, I live in Ireland, and I enjoy most potato-based products.  I studied French and Spanish in university, so a good chunk of what I’ve written so far is vaguely related to that.

Some of the things I enjoy these days include (but are not limited to) music, puns, football (gaelic and soccer), terrible jokes, crisps (a fine use of potatoes, if I ever saw one), the Rubberbandits, finely crafted emails, dogs, festivals, sociolinguistics, and adventures ranging from strolling through (beautiful) bogs at home to wandering abroad.

I don’t normally use brackets that much (I swear).

Any kind of feedback on the blog is always welcome so feel free to leave comments and the like.

That’s about it really, sure we’ll give it a go.



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