*Quick 2016 update* I’m in my twenties now (oh, how times have changed), and am back in Ireland, in my final year of university.  So, I shouldn’t be posting much before the middle of May, but, knowing my inner procrastinator, I may sneak in the odd post.  I enjoy blogging (even if it’s only for my own amusement), so I will be posting frequently here again after college.  No blog-abandonment going on here, ho no.

I’m a twenty-year-old student from Ireland currently enjoying all of the excuses to travel which come with studying languages.  At the moment, I’m doing my erasmus in France.  Before that, I got the opportunity to work in Argentina for a few months, meaning that my 2014 involves a total of just over three months in Ireland, which for me is quite different, because previously the longest I had been out of the country at one time was for a month or so of work.

When I’m not amusing myself with puns, hilarious (well, to me,) word forms or origins, and other odd language-related things, you can probably find me thinking it would be a good idea to do some sort of sport or exercise, vaguely planning potential travels, wondering what I’m going to do with my life, or chilling out by listening to or attempting to play music.

This blog will most likely be filled with posts about travel and language-learning, but I’ll also share whatever else I find interesting or post-worthy.  My aim is to post roughly every week, at least, so let’s see how that goes, I s’pose (oh hey mini rhyme).

That’s all for now.  Any kind of feedback is always welcome so feel free to leave comments and stuff.



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